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Vimeo Sucks big Time !

vimeo sucks

vimeo sucks

Vimeo videos seem of good quality but is very unfriendly for uploading . Bad service for videos .

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Adobe no more supports mobile Flash

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Did Apple kill Adobe’s mobile Flash? That is the question many asked this week after Adobe announced that it would end development of Flash for mobile devices.
Many observers were not surprised by the announcement, which came a day after the company announced it would cut 750 jobs.

Don Reisinger of eWeek compiled a list of reasons why Adobe lost the mobile Flash battle, which identified the resistance from Apple and the success of iPhones and iPads as the main reasons.

The Guardian said that with the news, it was Steve Jobs who had had “the last laugh”.

Elsewhere, Jason Perlow of ZDNet’s Tech Broiler blog argued that without a focus on the rising mobile market, Adobe Flash is “irrelevant”.

PCWorld’s Daniel Ionescu asked if “anybody will miss Flash on their mobiles?” and pointed out that “iOS users have been living Flash-free for more than three years”.

Still, some saw Adobe’s move as a step in the right direction. Matt Peckham of Time’s Techland wrote that it takes “guts to do the right thing”.

“Adobe deserves our plaudits, for doing something I’d wager Steve Jobs never would have (whatever his claims about the web), had Cupertino been the proprietor of Flash and not the folks from San Jose,” Peckham added.

But for Bill Ray of the Register, the announcement shows where Adobe plans to head with its future developments of HTML5 tools.

He wrote: “This announcement has much more to do with Adobe seeing that there’s no future in selling tools for streaming video, but there is a decent future in selling tools to create, and control, digital content.”

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99-year-old Japanese plays Nintendo to keep mind sharp


A 99-year-old Japanese woman may yet offer the best proof of regular video gaming being good for the health.

Umeji Narisawa started playing “Bomberman” for the original 1980s Nintendo Entertainment System console when she saw her grandchildren had fun playing it, Japan Probe reported.

Narisawa said playing the game daily has kept her mind sharp, and credits the daily pressing of controller buttons for her dexterity – she can still thread a needle to this day, the report said.

The report indicated Narisawa started taking up the game in 1985, becoming an expert and clearing all 50 levels of the game.

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MeDiA pLaYeRs

There are many formats of audio and video .Each format has its own quality and importance.But how to play them.Huge number of media players available on the internet offer special features ,some of them really work but most are scam.

Here are the most efficient media players.(click on name to download)

Windows Media Player beast image

WMP DESIGN beast image

Real Player beast imageREAL PLAYER DESIGN beast image

Winamp beast imageWINAMP DESIGN beast image

VLC beast imageVLC DESIGN beast image

Itunes beast imageI TUNES DESIGN beast image

Media Jukebox beast imageMEDIA JUKEBOX DESIGN beast image

Jet audio beast image
JET AUDIO DESIGN beast image


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