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Fauzia Wahab and PPP Gone MAD

As you already know that Fauzia wahab (Secretary Information Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is fool and character less woman . Her present stattement has created ambiguity about american terrorist Raymond Davis.


She said that Raymond Davis, accused of killing two Pakistanis in Lahore, enjoyed diplomatic immunity, Geo News reported on Monday.
Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club, Fauzia Wahab said that Pakistan is the signatory of Vienna Convention, therefore, all the diplomats enjoy immunity, adding that diplomats cannot be arrested under this convention.She said that Davis possess diplomatic passport, therefore, he enjoys immunity.

Fauzia Wahab further said that United States is the biggest market of Pakistani products. A large number of Pakistanis are living there, she said and added that 80 percent remittance of Pakistan came from the US.

First of all american terrorist Raymond is not diplomat or any technical member.Fauzia wahab statement is contradictory to Salman Bashir(Foreign Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) clearly stated that Raymond is not a diplomat and his identity is not disclosed yet.

Suppose american terrorist Raymond kills Bilawal  or Ali Wahab son of Fauzia Wahab will he get immunity ???What she means by stating  ” 80 percent remittance of Pakistan came from the US.”  that for money we should not care of our sovereignty.

PPP is suciding by these foolish acts and jeopardizing Pakistan.

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