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Talk like an England cricketer

Don’t worry if you haven’t got time to listen to the fulfil their media obligations. Just pick one from each section of our automated interview response generator.

Introductory remark
To be fair
Very much so
For me
As I say
Being honest
In all fairness
I’d be lying if I said
We acknowledge
Of course

Poor old Ravi
Priory (wicketkeeper, not depression place)
Andy Flower
Giles Clarke

Is struggling with
Is suffering from
Is finding difficulties
Acknowledges he has a weakness with regards to
Is working hard on
Has done fantastically with
Puts an enormous amount of work into
Practices night and day on
Trains as hard as anyone with
Would be the first to admit that he’s isn’t
Is holding his hand up and admitting he’s
Has recently developed a problem with

Picking the doosra
Picking the straight one
Scoring against spinners
Hitting the ball
Missing Goochie
Drinking the water
Eating the food
Keeping anything down
Adapting to the hot weather in the UAE
Adapting to the cold weather in the UAE
Rushing to the loo every five minutes
Missing his family
Missing his dog
Missing EastEnders
Travelling poorly
Being out of the side
Being in the side
Dealing with depression
Undergoing an existential crisis
Being unable to catch
Finding Swanny’s banter a bit trying
Thinking KP should pipe down
Bantering on Twitter
Plugging his sponsors’ products
Having nightmares about mystery spinners
Understanding the DRS
Dealing with the media

But on the positive side…

The guys
The bowling unit
The batting unit
The fielding unit
The bathroom unit
The batters
The bowlers
The coach
The captain
The senior players
The leadership group
Our friends and families
Cricket as a whole
The sporting community
The staff at the hotel
The medical staff
The Ashley Gileses of this world
The whole team
The whole squad
The whole squad and the backroom staff
The whole squad and the backroom staff and everyone connected with Team England


Action words and phrases
Being aggressive
Being supportive
Supporting each other
Concentrating hard
Being decisive
Working together
Sticking together
Concentrating on the basics
Hitting the right areas
Not allowing themselves to get sidetracked
Doing the simple things well
Relaxing on the golf course
Relaxing with the Xbox
Getting away from the game
Enjoying a night out
Visualising success


Dynamic closing statement
End this tour on a high
Take a long hard look a ourselves
Go into the one-day series with some momentum
Silence a few critics
Help him get over this bad patch
Realise that we have not become a bad team overnight
Take the positives from the situation
Iron out what we are sure is just a blip
Support our team-mate in this tough time
Show him that we are right behind him
Put these bad results behind us
Play with a smile on our face
Rise to the challenge
Show why we got to number one in the first place
End the Test series with a win
Restore some pride
And give ourselves something to build on

Example one
acknowledges he has a weakness with regards to
hitting the ball
but on the positive side
the whole squad and the backroom staff and everyone connected with Team England
working together
iron out what we are sure is just a blip

Example two
In all fairness
is holding his hand up and admitting he’s
missing Goochie
but on the positive side
our friends and families
working together
show that we are right behind him

Example three
Of course
puts an enormous amount of work into
rushing to the loo every five minutes
but on the positive side
the bathroom unit
being supportive
help him get over this bad patch

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Set beautiful wallpapers to your desktop’s in the holy month of Ramadan

You can set them from these sites

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Its a big blow to cricket fans and is unbelievable its all because of PCB…………..

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To Hell with Bhutto (ZAB)

“Roti, Kapra and Makaan”

“Bread, cloth and house”. These were the famous words of the first Prime Minister of the Pakistan Peoples Party, the largest Democratic Party in Pakistan.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto once made a promise; today it seems it was just a joke. Through no fault of his own and a few decades on ministers and followers (Jiala’s) of the Pakistan Peoples Party will talk about everything else but the promise.

No longer is the Pakistan Peoples Party a Bhutto legacy, but the name just continues to haunt the people of Pakistan. One may wonder, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto has been dead for many years, and his beloved daughter Benazir Bhutto is also no longer with us, for that matter his sons, Shahnawaz or Murtaza are also departed souls. Why then does the Pakistan Peoples Party continue to use the name Bhutto for the betterment of the Pakistani common mans problems?

Bhutto was a man who was a nationalist; none of the policies today are those of nationalism. He was also a man who was a socialist and one does not see any socialism in Pakistan. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was not an Islamic Warrior on Jihad, yet even today everyone in the Pakistan Peoples Party continues to call him a Shaheed. For that matter neither was Benazir on any holy war, it then makes you would wonder why she is known as a Shaheed.

The moral fiber of the Pakistan Peoples Party is suspect to everyone who has no political affiliations. A vogue if you may, calling every dead political person as a Shaheed, with no respect for the very religion on which the principals of Pakistan are based.

In the digital age, media representation is at its highest within the ruling elite, irrespective of your knowledge or purpose. Unfortunately for the Pakistani public, these representatives and I may add women more so than men tend to think loudness stands for correctness.

Federal or provincial, ministers lose no opportunity to show their faces on various talk shows at regular intervals, sometimes at two or even three channels in one night.

Ministers such as Shazia Marri a provincial minister is nothing short of ear deafening. One would fail to understand her work for the portfolio she is supposed to be handling. The tourism industry in Sindh is anything but flourishing, one feels if it’s not worth it at present then it should be cut down and closed up.

A recent event in Sindh for body building took place. A pleasant event to say the least, but with horror one witnessed billboards in Karachi with pictures of the President and Ministers of the PPP on it. Will they ever get enough self promotion at the people’s expense? All around the world social sporting events take place, however you will never witness pictures of politicians pasted on billboards. If Sindh was promoting this event it would have been in line to show some heritage site of the province or some landmark to create awareness. Such is the limitation of thought in ministers, and then they sit on television and talk dramatic history.

We often hear of the President talk of “Bibi”, his wife, in almost all his speeches. With utmost respect, I would like to remind him, she is not going to make living conditions better for the common man in Pakistan. Stop talking about her. Get a move on and if you cannot, move out. No Bhutto is going to change the destiny of Pakistan now. Bhutto is a story so old, selling it now is only making people hate the name ever so much more. The really important question then being, is that what they really want?

The Pakistan Peoples Party has come to power 2 times prior to their current term. The judicial murder of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was never brought up in those two terms, EVER.

Why is it that the daughter did not touch the topic in her terms in the past, but somehow the son in law, that too after 3 years of his term decides to pass an ordinance? How about passing ordinances for providing Roti, Kapra and Makaan?

Murtaza Bhutto the son of Zulfiqar, and brother of Benazir was also murdered by the police in a PPP term why is that not being brought up?

Is he the Next Bhutto?Is he the Next Bhutto?

The Bhutto’s are all dead, and the legacy may belong to Zulfiqar Junior. It is about time the Pakistan Peoples Party decided to ditch the name and serve the people than to continue to abuse the name and destroy the past.(courtesy


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Sesame Street in Pakistan

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Pakistani children will soon start experiencing what millions in the west have done for more than four decades – the joys of Sesame Street.

In a $20m (£12m) remake of the classic American children’s programme, the setting for the show has moved from the streets of New York to a lively village in Pakistan with a roadside tea and snacks stall, known as a dhaba, some fancy houses with overhanging balconies along with simple dwellings, and residents hanging out on their verandas.

The Pakistani version, in which characters will speak mostly in Urdu, will feature Rani, a cute six-year-old Muppet, the child of a peasant farmer, with pigtails, flowers in her hair and a smart blue-and-white school uniform. Her curiosity and questions about the world will, it is hoped, make her a role model for Pakistani children.

The financing for the series comes from USAid, the economic assistance arm of the US government, which aims to help the country’s young learn some basic words and numbers through Sesame Street’s fun style of education. Pakistan’s schooling system is failing badly, a major reason for a descent into religious conservatism and economic stagnation.

Elmo, the cheerful monster toddler from the original, will be in the Pakistani version, with new local personality touches. But other American favourites such as Count von Count – a lovable vampire who would rather count telephone rings than answer the phone – will make way for local characters in SimSim Humara (“Ours”), the Pakistani edition.

The programme, which will start filming this summer in Lahore and begin airing in the autumn, is targeted particularly at deprived children outside the big cities and will be shown on the national state broadcaster, PTV, so it should be available even in the smallest village. Following the Sesame Street formula, each show will pick one word and one number to highlight.

“The idea is to prepare and inspire a child to go on the path of learning, and inspire the parents of the child to think that the child must be educated,” said Faizaan Peerzada, the chief operating officer at the Lahore-based Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, which was awarded the commission for the project in collaboration with Sesame Workshop, the creator of the American show. “This is a very serious business, the education of the children of Pakistan at a critical time.”

The show will have strong female characters and carry an implicit message of tolerance but will feature no pro-American propaganda or overt challenge to hardline religious sentiment. Under Barack Obama, US civilian assistance to Pakistan has tripled to $1.5bn a year but the money does not seem to have made much obvious impact. The Pakistani Sesame Street could turn out to be the most visible American aid project in Pakistan in recent years.

The $20m US grant will produce the Pakistani Sesame Street for four years, with 78 episodes in Urdu and 56 in regional languages, a radio show, mobile TV vans to show the programme in remote areas and a travelling Muppet roadshow.

Some will criticise the expenditure on a TV programme, but it aims to reach 3 million kids, many more than the same sum spent on school building. The Muppets will also be used to front public service messages on issues such as health, which aim to reach 95 million people.

“Teaching kids early on makes them much more successful when they get to school. And this programme will have the capacity to encourage tolerance, which is so key to what we’re trying to do here,” said Larry Dolan, director of the education office at USAid for Pakistan. “In terms of bang for the buck, reaching 95 million people is pretty important. This is much more than a TV programme, far more ambitious than a Sesame Street series.”


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Slap on face of Pakistani Youth & Modernists

Pakistan defeated by India in world cup semi final.Its not so bad or to get angry why we lost .Its a game and Pakistan were underdogs and they came up to semifinal without any playing any country at home for approx 3 years.Its sensational performance by the team.

So what’s annoying here is the behaviour of youth.They were dancing and music was played and ……..just gone mad before the match.The point I am clarifying is that all the year you watch Indian movies , love their channels , mad about there drama’s .Star plus and blah blah are your favourite channels .Their actors are your hero’s , their heroines are your darlings , beauty queens.

Why you want to defeat them in cricket match.Because this is the least you can do ! You will criticise your team after losing ,you will strike against them,you will abuse akmal brothers you will make fun of team management .This is all what you can do.

Did you know who were supporting your enemies , arch rivals ?Whom you wanted to defeat.

They were the indian actors , Indian heroines Indian stars whom you watch all the year  24/7, you love their acting , you copy their style.

Shame on you Pakistani youth ! Shame on you !

It was Amir khan your hero getting happy when Pakistan your national cricket team lost the wickets,lost the  match.It was Vivek Oberoi who was enjoying the defeat of your Pakistani national team, It was sonail shetti enjoying your defeat.

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Messaging circulating during the match at intense moments pray for them ,pray this… pray that …..

How you expects that your prayers will be accepted by ALMIGHTY ALLAH

at sixes or fours you plays drums ,all the year you love their films them and watch their Indian Premier League and at fall of wicket you ask for help from ALMIGHTY.

Wake up YOUTH its very sad.Nations don’t win like this Be a nation ! Don’t criticise your real heroes ,your national team.

Afridi I salute you for such a great

performance in world cup

,at the end what happened is a harsh reality……………..

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West Indies crushed ,Pakistan in Semi Final

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Intent of the day

Devon Smith started the first quarter-final in smashing fashion. He was offered a delivery that was a little shorter and a little wider than Umar Gul would have intended and he unleashed the square cut. It flew, razor sharp off his bat, past point and gave the West Indies a boundary. Smith’s stance, tall, upright and authoritative, indicated that the West Indies meant business. It’s a pity that the team’s actions after that, didn’t follow through.

Bail-breaking of the day

For years the cricket world has scratched its head collectively when Shivnarine Chanderpaul has come to the crease and taken guard. Off comes the bail, to be hammered senselessly into the spot where he takes guard with the top of the bat handle. Other West Indians, most notably Ramnaresh Sarwan, have started following suit. The ferocity with which they hammer the bail in, it’s surprising what happened today hasn’t happened before: Ronnie was hammering away in the 4th over of the innings, when the bail actually broke. Last we heard, the ICC hadn’t sent out a code of conduct disciplinary breach notice for violence against cricket equipment.

Over of the day

There was little surprise when Saeed Ajmal was picked in the XI today to counter West Indies’ battery of left-handers. There was probably more at the decision to open not with him but with Mohammad Hafeez, though he has long been a clever Powerplay operator. He began tightly against a restless Chris Gayle but the pressure he built in the first two overs told in his third. Devon Smith was so plumb he decided not to review it. Three balls later, Darren Bravo went lbw and though he was probably right to refer it, the decision went against him. A double-wicket maiden set the tone for the rest of the innings.

Referral of the day

No one is ever more convinced in asking for a fielding referral than Shahid Afridi. Off his own bowling he often doesn’t even ask anyone else, like the wicketkeeper, for an opinion, making the T-sign a part of his appeal. He asked for one today, a leg-before against Sarwan, which went against him but the best was a cheeky request for a referral to Billy Bowden after a leg-side wide was given in the 27th over of the innings.

The mini-scare of the day

Near the middle of the innings break, just as twilight was approaching, the time when lights are most needed to bridge the gap between day and night, the floodlights at the Shere-e-Bangla stadium went off. At the same time, a message appeared on the scoreboard “In the event that this match is not completed today, the players will return tomorrow. Please retain your tickets.” With the ground swiftly descending into darkness, some fans may have been searching for their tickets, crumpled up in their pockets or bags somewhere, just in case the lights never came back on. A few minutes later, the globes started twinkling again and the field was bathed in light in time for the second innings.

The one-handed slip dropper of the day

Younis Khan was made to practice his reaction time at first slip. First, was when Saeed Ajmal got Darren Sammy to get a leading edge off a regular offspinner. Younis put in a solid dive to his left and even got a hand on the ball but couldn’t hold on. Nine overs later he was tested again. This time by Wahab Riaz‘s attempt to dismiss Kemar Roach. Riaz angled one across the West Indian quick, who tried to steer it past slip. Younis dived to his right this time and got fingertips to it but the catch evaded him again. He did make up later with a nicely-judged catch at short midwicket to send back Roach.

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