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Nokia unveils 41 megapixel phone

Nokia has unveiled a 41 megapixel camera-phone – designed so phone users can ‘zoom in’ without a bulky lens.

The 41-megapixel sensor is around three times more powerful than the ones in any existing handsets.

A Nokia executive says, ‘It shows what we can do.’

The phone will be launched in May and cost 480 Euros.

Nokia says the technology is designed so users can zoom in quickly and easily without losing picture quality.

Most smartphones use digital zoom functions where the picture quality drops when users ‘zoom in’ – in practice, the zoom functions are rarely used.

PureView’s huge 41-megapixel sensor lets users zoom in up to six times simply by ‘selecting’ an area – and because of the super-high resolution of the PureView, images still come out at five megapixels, the same as many normal smartphone cameras.

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With video, users can zoom in up to four times and still shoot in 1080p Full HD.

‘When you zoom with the Nokia 808 PureView, in effect you are just selecting the relevant area of the sensor,’ says the Finnish company. ‘With no zoom, you simply use the full area of the sensor.’

The phone is bulkier than normal camera phones, according to reports from Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, where it was unveiled, but even on full resolution, it shoots instantly.


The phone has been in development for years, Nokia said, and produces pictures that can be blown up to ‘poster size’.

Tech site Pocket-Lint said, ‘What it shows us though is that Nokia can create amazing technology in a device that is small and compact – relatively speaking.

‘We’re also told it will come to other handsets in the future.┬áThe reason you don’t want it is that, beside the amazing camera tech, it runs the company’s Symbian operating system, which is basically winding down.’

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