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Samsung complaints “Apple’s new iPhone 5 violates its patents”

Newest Apple smartphone will be drawn into legal battle in California courts

Apple’s new iPhone 5 has been drawn into the patent battle under way between the company and Samsung in US courts.


Samsung Electronics announced on Sept. 20 that it submitted a document to the San Jose Divisional Office of the California Northern District Court the previous day stating that it considers the new model to violate its own patents and plans to add it to its previously filed suit.

As a next step, it plans to present a document detailing the specific patent infringements after examining the detailed product specifications and services.

The previous suit the company referred to was filed in April over the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, the third generation iPad, and the iPad2. Samsung Electronics is claiming that Apple products and services violated two standard patents and six commercial patents that it owns. But since the iPhone 5 has yet to have an official release, it is still unknown just which of the eight patents Samsung believes the product violated. What is known is that it does not include Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, which was the focus of particular industry attention among the eight patents at issue in the suit.

An official with the company called the decision “inevitable.”


“We prefer market competition based on innovation to lawsuits, but we made the decision that we had to respond in some way to protect continued innovations and intellectual property rights at a time when Apple is limiting market competition with lawsuits,” the official said.



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American Official Terrorist killed 3 Innocent Pakistani’s

An American national named Revan David killed 3 innocent peoples here in Mozang Chungi Lahore on Thursday.

According to sources Revan David was the citizen of US and servant of the American Consulate in Lahore, killed 2 peoples by gunshots and after the shotting he wants to escape from that place and he hit a motorbike and killed one person more. After this incident Punjab police reported a murder case and arrest him.

beast image

Sources further confirmed that Ravan David gives his statement to police that he was on his way when two persons on a motorbike suddenly attacked with weapons and wants to killed him and in his self defense he opened fire from his car and killed both of them, Police officials also confirmed that both motorbike persons wants to kidnap or kill the Revan David.

Both of those bikers were without any type of offensive weapons.

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