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Cores of Processor & Misconception about i3, i5, i7

The term core memory is a leftover from an early form of random access memory (RAM). Magnetic core memory  was first patented in 1947 and was used in early computers through the 50s and 60s. According to Wikipedia’s article, magnetic core memory was replaced by integrated silicon RAM chips in the 1970’s. Unlike modern silicon RAM, core memory was non-volatile — it retained its contents indefinitely without power.

multi-core processor is a single computing component with two or more independent actual processors (called “cores”), which are the units that read and execute program instructions.

Intel introduced a new naming scheme for its new Core processors. There are three variants, Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7, but the names no longer correspond to specific technical features like the number of cores. Instead, the brand is now divided from low-level (i3), through mid-range (i5) to high-end performance (i7), which correspond to three to five stars in Intel’s Intel Processor Rating as opposed to the entry-level Celeron (one star) and Pentium (two stars) processors.

For my curious friends !

  • Core i3 has 2 cores !
  • Core i5 has 2 or 4 cores !
  • Core i7 has 2,4 or 6 cores !

Now the question is how i3 is efficient then core 2 duo ?

Technically there are many differences but shortly what makes the big difference is the cache .

  • core i3 max cache = 4mb L3
  • core i5 max cache= 8mb L3
  • core i7 max cache =12mb L3

Processor earlier then i3 used L2 type cache .


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 AMD Bulldozer “FX-8150P Black Edition”


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A Chinese site has leaked details on AMD’s upcoming Bulldozer based Zambezi-FX Processor. The Processors which is called “FX-8150P” would a top of the line “Black Edition” offering from the A-8 Series lineup which consist of 8 Cores. We already know that AMD has postponed their Bulldozer Launch to July-August due to performance issues with the current CPU revisions, Newer B2 Revisions will arrive shortly in early Q3 2011. Some websites detailed that the delay was part of AMD’s marketing strategy.

The CPU “FX-8150P Black Edition” is built on a 32Nm SOI process and will feature a base clock of 4.2Ghz and can turbo upto a staggering 4.7Ghz clock. Keep in mind that the fastest AMD CPU we knew till now was the FX-8130P with a 3.8Ghz stock and 4.2Ghz T.C but the Black edition breaks the barrier. The Processor features a whopping 140W TDP. Other specs are 1866Mhz DDR3 Memory support, Unlocked Mutiplier, 8C/8T and 8Mb L3 Cache. Reaching 5Ghz+ clock speeds wont be a biggie on this monster.

As far as the price goes, Not much has been detailed but considering the FX-8130P which will be available for 320$  The price of FX-8150P would be set at a 350$+ mark.



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Intel will launch 10-Core Xeon Processors.

Intel has finally announced its new line of Xeon based processors featuring upto 10 Cores. The lineup consists of 29 new chips which will target the server segment. The new CPU’s are aimed towards the server marker as the consumer market already consists of its Extreme Edition Processors which come with 6 cores each.

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The new line up won’t come for consumers as the current extreme edition lineup is enough for the market and is only consumed by hardcore enthusiasts, However adding up more cores to these wont offer a huge gain because there is hardly any application which utilizes even 6 cores.

However, The server market needs every bit of processing power they can get and that’s where extra cores can save the day. AMD rival of Intel already have their lineup of 12 core Opteron chips which make quite a bit of a challenge in the market for Intel. Out of the 29 chips, 10-core models and are codenamed Westmere-EX with speeds ranging from 2.0 – 2.4Ghz and come with 105 W and 130 W TDP (thermal design power). The y also offer a cache memory of upto 24-30mb L3 cache.

Intel is yet to finalize the date for the release of the chips. As far as the cost goes, It’ll be high as the cheapest server goes for $2,558, while the most expensive is rated at $4,616.

Model Cores Threads Frequency L3 cache TDP Multiprocessing Price
Xeon E7-2803 6 12 1.73 GHz 18 MB 105 Watt 2-way $774
Xeon E7-2820 8 16 2 GHz 18 MB 105 Watt 2-way $1334
Xeon E7-2830 8 16 2.13 GHz 24 MB 105 Watt 2-way $1779
Xeon E7-2850 10 20 2 GHz 24 MB 130 Watt 2-way $2558
Xeon E7-2860 10 20 2.26 GHz 24 MB 130 Watt 2-way $3670
Xeon E7-2870 10 20 2.4 GHz 30 MB 130 Watt 2-way $4227
Xeon E7-4807 6 12 1.86 GHz 18 MB 95 Watt 4-way $890
Xeon E7-4820 8 16 2 GHz 18 MB 105 Watt 4-way $1446
Xeon E7-4830 8 16 2.13 GHz 24 MB 105 Watt 4-way $2059
Xeon E7-4850 10 20 2 GHz 24 MB 130 Watt 4-way $2837
Xeon E7-4860 10 20 2.26 GHz 24 MB 130 Watt 4-way $3838
Xeon E7-4870 10 20 2.4 GHz 30 MB 130 Watt 4-way $4394
Xeon E7-8830 8 16 2.13 GHz 24 MB 105 Watt 8-way $2280
Xeon E7-8837 8 8 2.66 GHz 24 MB 130 Watt 8-way $2280
Xeon E7-8850 10 20 2 GHz 24 MB 130 Watt 8-way $3059
Xeon E7-8860 10 20 2.26 GHz 24 MB 130 Watt 8-way $4061
Xeon E7-8867L 10 20 2.13 GHz 30 MB 105 Watt 8-way $4172
Xeon E7-8870 10 20 2.4 GHz 30 MB 130 Watt 8-way $4616
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Intel launches second generation core processors

World’s leading chip manufacturer Intel Thursday launched second generation intel core processors with built-in visual capabilities to deliver superior audio-visual experience, faster downloading ability and improved battery life.

‘The built-in visual capabilities enabled by these new processors are stunning. This combined with improved adaptive performance, will revolutionize the PC experience in a way that is obvious for every user to see and appreciate, a visibly smarter performance,’ said R. Sivakumar, managing director sales and marketing group, Intel South Asia.


‘The new features are bound to appeal to your senses and give you a better looking PC experience,’ he added.

Intel estimates that a 4-minute HD video that used to take 4 minutes to convert to play on an iPod would now take just 16 seconds.


The new processor technology focusses on high-definition videos, mainstream gaming, online socialising and multimedia and combines visual and 3D graphics technology with performance-leading microprocessors on a single chip.

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Its new features include Intel Quick Sync Video, and a new version of the company’s award-winning Intel Wireless Display which now adds 1080p HD (high definition) and content protection for those wishing to beam premium HD content from their laptop screen to their TV.


More than 500 laptops and desktops designs based on these products are expected from all major computer makers worldwide.Systems are likely to be available from OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) like HCL, Wipro, HP, Lenevo, Toshiba and Dell among others as well as from local channel partners.

The company said that the price range of the products incorporated with the second generation intel core processors will increase marginally.


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