Microsoft internet explorer 9

17 Sep

Microsoft is on top again ,after long  period Microsoft internet explorer is back in action . Though surveys show that internet explorer is most used browser but it was becoming unpopular  because of firefox ,opera , and others.

Microsoft internet explorer version 9 is released. The new version is very much competitive to firefox 3.6 , opera 10 and in much features it is ahead of all browsers  .

beast image

Some good features are

  • supports HTML 4.01, CSS Level 1, XML 1.0, and DOM Level 1, with minor implementation gaps.
  • fully supports XSLT 1.0 as well as an obsolete Microsoft dialect of XSLT often referred to as WD-xsl, which was loosely based on the December 1998 W3C Working Draft of XSL. Support for XSLT 2.0 lies in the future: semi-official Microsoft bloggers have indicated that development is underway, but no dates have been announced.
  • partially supports CSS Level 2 and DOM Level 2, with major implementation gaps and conformance issues. Almost full conformance to CSS 2.1 has been added in the Internet Explorer 8 release.
  • does not support XHTML, though it can render XHTML documents authored with HTML compatibility principles and served with a text/html MIME-type.
  • does not support SVG in any version.

BIG BIG BIG Flaw is that is not compatible on my operating system.Yes the system requirements for IE9 are Windows Vista SP2 (with Platform Upgrade and IE8) or Windows 7 and browser would only function with Windows Vista and Windows 7  ,  no place for xp.

Download link : Internet explorer 9

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