Stucked In Nokia

25 Aug

Why Pakistani people don’t use any other mobile set except Nokia. Is it because of Nokia’s magic on us.
Its our nature that if someone gets or uses some thing all of us run after that. Why don’t we take our decisions  independently.
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The other mobiie manufacturers are very great competitors of Nokia.Though people give reasons that Nokia battery runs long time and the others discharge quickly but now that reason is no longer valid.As you know the battery life of  5320,  6700,  E71,  5700 , prism 7500.

But if you give another reason that Nokia sets are sturdy when they fell doesnt damage , is your saying valid in case of  6288  , N95 (long list)

Sony ericson is very best company and specially its camera out classes Nokia sets.
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In technology Samsung is very best and in its looks too.
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Lg is not too bad , in start it was expensive but now its offering normal prices.
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Motorolla , world is crazy about this mobile but its not so famous in Pakistan ,also its display is not so good and camera quality is annoying.
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Overall Sony erricson & Samsung are best mobile manufacturers.

For example if you buy a set of 4000/-.Rs  to 5000/-.Rs  In Nokia you will get a simple set with fm ,color display etc.But in Sony ericson you will get a set with multimedia qualities which you will find in Nokia sets costing 6500/- plus.

Oh I forgot the china mobiles , they are making market quickly ,they are cheap  but again the question is durability.
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