19 Aug

Why say no to google ? Because everyone wants privacy which is a big concern when using google or its applications  ( gmail , google earth etc.)
You don’t even know that google stores its cookies on your system when you visit the website. Storing cookies is not a big problem by itself. But google cookies are a problem

>>google cookie can be used to track your personal search history
>>google  cookie will not expire until 2038

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Through google cookies your personal information , history is stored in google servers along with your ip address.What’s left you can be tracked any time on any system by the terms you use for your search through google.There is no evidence that Google turns over information to the FBI or the NSA but why you should rely on them ?

But other search engines do not give a better search like google . So what to do ?


Alternative to google , though its exactly like google search but its cookies are stored only for 0 seconds .Astonished ! that’s  SCROOGLE
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But if you still want to use google or its applications , try to clear your browser history befoe turning on internet & before turning turning off.

You can delete cookies from this location in your system C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files ( all cookies are not to be deleted, for that you have to be expert )

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