Software Engineering ?

18 Aug

A computer software engineer takes ones and zeros and makes them usable as information. For more and specific information visit SOFTWAREDESTINY A computer software engineer invented every program used on a computer–spreadsheets, word editors, games and everything else. These engineers are molders of the raw clay that is the processors, memory and all the other hardware. Without computer software engineers, not much would be done with the ones and zeros that are a computer.

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Software engineering refers to the application of engineering principles to the software development process, to result in software whose functionalities meeting the prescribed specifications, whose quality can be objectively quantized, and development costs can be within budget. It is just like the process of constructing a house. You won’t leave until you have started the process and find that the bricks cannot support the walls. For software, identically, some engineering planning process precedes the implementation stage to ensure that the process may result in software that is implemented correctly, on time and within budget.


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Software development is a process which spans the entire software lifecycle, in which some software is built as deliverables as part of the process. Programming is the most important part of the process, but is just one part of the process. Planning, testing etc. are also part of the software development process. Post-development such as customer support, post-development reviews and maintenance are usually considered part of the software lifecycle, and thus should be considered part of the software development process as well.

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    Just wondering if you took any writing or editorial classes? You write so well! Maybe you should consider some payed writing pieces. Just a thought! – Kim


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